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my home@marie claire maison

hello hello,

I finally did it! I could tidy my place and take pictures around and post it on « marie claire maison »s « bienvenue chez vous » (welcome to your place) page. As we are soon moving from this flat and we are kind of broke, it would be perfect to win either their lovely habitat ella couch Or the SMEG fridge!

You can see the entire house tour here and like it if you feel like it!

I’ll post the pictures after the contest is over at the end of the month.


my coolest customized fridge

Hello my dears,

This weekend I was up to customizing my fridge for Marie Claire Maison’s contest. If my fridge wins, I’ll have a SMEG which is my everlasting dream fridge. Plus my fridge is dying, there is water coming out of it because it’s door won’t close properly :(… I can’t afford a new fridge right now! (thus my efforts to customize a dying fridge!) I really really really want to win this!

You could help me by « like »ing it on marie claire maison’s facebook page 🙂

Cross your fingers for me xox

today, i iodize myself

When at the beginning of the month I could swim 3 days in a row in the sea, my body probably felt as if it was the beginning of a long summer. Unfortunately not, it’s gray and cold here in Caen. But miraculously, yesterday I’ve found some glasswort in the market and ate it today! I would have never imagined to find it in France! (Why Not?!)

The Turkish way of cooking it is very easy, you just cook it 5-10 min. to get the salt out a little, add some garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, and eat it cold as a starter. That said, I admit there is something missing to eat it properly: RAKI!!!!

Art of block printing

Today, I’ve seen this video posted by a friend. I love the cinematography a lot! It’s so beautiful that it makes me want to watch some more. I was surprised that the video is actually an american brand‘s sort of advertorial.

This traditional method is well known in India, but we sometimes find those old stamps sold in the touristic markets in Turkey as well, with slightly different local patterns.  My mum uses this technique with pillows and bedding sometime like here and here. What a huge work to carve those stamps manually though! I utterly respect the craftsman.

this will be my best friend this summer

Now it’s official! We are going to Thailand – Cambodge – Laos and Vietnam for 1,5 month this summer! This was my dream for like…forever!


The first thing I thought was shoes and the protection for my camera from the humidity and mousson rains. I always wore Birkenstock in the summer when I had long vacation in the mediterranean sea -which means when I was a child-. Now that I am going to need something solid for walking, in hot and in wet environment, I immediatly thought about Birkenstock! And I fell in love with the color and model of this one. My camera bag is the same leather color aswell which makes me even happier!

I think, I’ll go with these on my feet, with my camera bag, some meds, and with an empty bag.

Now that I have resolved the big issue of « confortable shoes » I can focus on to selling my furniture on ebay or leboncoin for our moving in en of july.

In the mean time, I would appreciate any advice for Thailand, Laos, Cambodge and Vietnam.



nursery inspiration

This post is a request from a friend who will soon have a baby girl! She lives in Dubai so I can only help her by giving her some inspiration and online support 😉

First off, check this awesome website out to be inspired. It’s amazingly well done with a huge variety of styles for nurseries. The picture below is one of their works, it’s pretty amazing.

Second, ohdeedoh has a collection of nursery tours to give you some inspiration. What is really good about this website is that, there are interviews with each parent/creator full of valuable advices about creating a nursery.

I think the shortest way to make a nursery is to focus on the walls. Only by painting the walls with a vivid color, by covering with wallpapers or by simply putting posters.

If you don’t want to make any big work like painting, you can also create the ambiance with fabrics. Colorful, illustrated curtains, bedding, rugs and pillows will do easily.

As you see in the images below, you can create a playful and sweet nursery by simply hanging lanterns of different styles, colors or sizes.

Hope this post helps you my friend! Courage! Everything will be awesome! :))))

a quotation

I’ve found this handmade quotation tablet in Emmaus’ dump in winter! It comes from one of my favorite writers of all time (Saint Exupery) and it says:
« Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. »