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sleepy winter

sleepy winter


blog du periple asiatique

Je vais plutot alimenter ici jusqu’a notre retour en France le 4 ctobre.

A bientot!


I’ll be mostly here until the 4th of octobre.

See you in a month!


today, i iodize myself

When at the beginning of the month I could swim 3 days in a row in the sea, my body probably felt as if it was the beginning of a long summer. Unfortunately not, it’s gray and cold here in Caen. But miraculously, yesterday I’ve found some glasswort in the market and ate it today! I would have never imagined to find it in France! (Why Not?!)

The Turkish way of cooking it is very easy, you just cook it 5-10 min. to get the salt out a little, add some garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, and eat it cold as a starter. That said, I admit there is something missing to eat it properly: RAKI!!!!

a quotation

I’ve found this handmade quotation tablet in Emmaus’ dump in winter! It comes from one of my favorite writers of all time (Saint Exupery) and it says:
« Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. »

giant bubble

Miranda July strikes again!

She did it again! I can tell without even seeing the movie yet. How? well, I’ve made the diagnostic test, and apparently I’ll love THE FUTURE so much that it’s not even funny!




my little princess

I wanna watch this as soon as it’s on theaters (29 june in france)!