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nursery inspiration

This post is a request from a friend who will soon have a baby girl! She lives in Dubai so I can only help her by giving her some inspiration and online support 😉

First off, check this awesome website out to be inspired. It’s amazingly well done with a huge variety of styles for nurseries. The picture below is one of their works, it’s pretty amazing.

Second, ohdeedoh has a collection of nursery tours to give you some inspiration. What is really good about this website is that, there are interviews with each parent/creator full of valuable advices about creating a nursery.

I think the shortest way to make a nursery is to focus on the walls. Only by painting the walls with a vivid color, by covering with wallpapers or by simply putting posters.

If you don’t want to make any big work like painting, you can also create the ambiance with fabrics. Colorful, illustrated curtains, bedding, rugs and pillows will do easily.

As you see in the images below, you can create a playful and sweet nursery by simply hanging lanterns of different styles, colors or sizes.

Hope this post helps you my friend! Courage! Everything will be awesome! :))))


finished the dresser! yaaay!


I am finally done with the kitchen dresser. I have the finishing of the table left. I’ll do it tonight, and post some pictures here very soon, hopefully.


home alone

Exactly like in the movie Home Alone, I tend to mess up the house completely when i have 36 hours alone at home!

I wanted to finish the painting of the kitchen dresser, plus the formica table plus the 2 chairs. Olivier will be back tomorrow evening, i hope i can clean up everything until he does! ouch, i have too much to do!

The mess in the living room

the mess in the kitchen

work in progress

This will take me forever!

a corner of my bedroom

Hello, this is a corner of our bedroom. The artwork is a present from an architect friend. The hanger is from Casa, the necklace is made by my mum, the bedside table and lamps body are from flea markets, i painted the table to blue. The rug is composed by 4 small mats that i bought each for 2 euros. The lampshade is from Habitat.