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muse-en-scene: A single Man de Tom Ford

Tom Ford! No comment 🙂


never never land house in Ibiza

Voila une maison industrielle par choix du materiau (ciment, pilotis, poutres, ossature, revetement caoutchouc du toit) mais qui ne contredit pas sa vocation premiere: respecter son environnement. L’architecte Andres Jacque en effet inscrit dans son cahier de charges d’intervenir le moins possible sur le site qu’il investissait. C’est pour cela qu’il a choisi ce systeme de pilotis: %80 de la maison ne touche pas le sol, gardant ainsi intacte la vegetation. C’est pour cela aussi qu’il a construit autour des arbres existants, en les incluant dans son architecture.

(texte pris de AD francais, avril 2011, photos prises du site nimvo, elles appartiennent a Miguel de Guzman)



muse-en-scene: mon oncle de Tati

M. Hulot is the dreamy, impractical, and adored uncle of young Gérard (nine years old), who lives with his materialistic parents in an ultra-modern geometric house and garden (Villa Arpel) in a new suburb of Paris, situated just beyond the crumbling stone buildings of the old neighborhoods of the city. Gérard’s parents, M. and Mme. Arpel, are firmly entrenched in a machine-like existence of work, fixed gender roles, and the acquisition of status through possessions and conspicuous display. (A running gag involves a fish-shaped fountain at the center of the Arpels’ garden that Mme. Arpel turns on only for important visitors).

Each element of Villa Arpel is representational rather than functional, an environment completely hostile to the comfort of its occupants. In choosing modern architecture to punctuate his satire, Tati once stated, « Les lignes géométriques ne rendent pas les gens aimables » (« geometrical lines do not produce likeable people »). From pas japonais positioned like mine fields, to impossible-to-sit-on furniture, to a kitchen with the decibel level of a jet engine, every facet of Villa Arpel emphasizes the supremacy of superficial aesthetics and electrical gadgets over the reality of daily living. (source: wikipedia)

And Mr. Hulot’s building for the contrast! :

I was about to write some lines about this movie and how genious Tati was about design but right here, I saw Larry Weinberg’s great review about it, i definetly couldn’t express it better!

i heart portugal


I told you i am nostalgic today…So i was looking our last year trips pictures because this year, no vacation is on the sight!Ssniff…

Last year in spring we went to Portugal. First to Lisbon, and then we hired a car to visit the whole country, center, west coast etc…

Here are some of them that i’ve picked. I love to take pictures of facades of houses. Probably it’s a habit coming from my parents which are architects.

There are not so many pictures because i was mostly  filming and taking pictures with my brand new camera which got stolen right after when we got back to Copenhagen!

Enjoy, and visit Portugal if you have the chance, the pastries, the food in general, the music, the old buildings, tiles…laid back people. I loved it.

These are in Coimbra, it’s a smal city with historical sites.

These are from Faro, i like the contrast with the sweet small old houses and the new big ugly buildings. This could been in Turkey aswell.

There are a lot of small houses covered with tiles.

This one below is from the Amazigh Hostel we stayed in Aljezur. We were the only clients, because apparently it’s full in the summer with loads of surfers.

I love the kitchen. The rest is very well done aswell. You can check their site, and see other nice pictures from the spot.

Some other funky tiles from several different places:

Saudade my friends!

dream homes part.1

I simply adore the modern extension to the old farmhouse. Big veranda-like living room that takes all the light in, facing only a green nature (or sea-side or mountain would also be perfect for me)….Aaaaahhhhh….My day will come.

Picture taken from Ikea FamilyLive magazine autumn 2010 issue.

All about my mother – Part III

And finally here are the other two guest houses’ pictures. That issue of the HomeArt magazine was very generous about my mother’s (aka Bihter Turkfiliz) project.(i am sorry for the lousy scans by the way)

I love this last guest house!The rock with birds on it and the tree makes this place a Tim Burtonesque decor (says the editor of the magazine).

In fact, the most fun part of these houses were the bathrooms for me. We don’t see them much in detail here, but each of them are designed to make it possible to watch the view from inside, and the best part is that nobody sees you from the outside!



all about my mum part II

I must say having grown up in this mediterranean village called Kas, this is the dream house for me. I hope that one day, i’ll have a similar place designed by my mum and i’ll stare peacefully the beautiful sunsets from my garden, while my child (or children?) is playing next to me.

The first picture on the left is the small bridge between the main house and the guest house. The doors are all crafted by a very talented local wood worker. Some of the furniture in the house is from the owner’s (mostly the antique ones). My mother picked the rest from different stores such as Mudo Concept etc…All the natural looking wood furnitures (stools, bench etc. are crafted by the same woodworker)

And here she is, i miss her soooooo freakingly much!