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snapshots from my iphone

This is oliv’s desk

Maki forever!

this is 7 o’clok in the morning in november

These are some snapshots from around the city


busy days

Wow, what a weekend!Thursday I was up to my yearly spring cleaning. The flat was such mess, it looked like we just moved in! I heard very loud music and a big crowd in our street, i remembered that there would be a students’ carnival in the city. I couldn’t keep myself grabbing my camera and take some pictures, i won’t put it here lots of it, there was a thousand of them!

This one below is blurry, i have a problem with my Canon sometimes, it says there is a disconnection between the lense and the body and it shots itself down while i am taking a picture! 😦 But the girl was so really classy that i’ll put it still!

I’ll show you soon what i am up to since 2 days. There is still much work to do though.

C ya!

lampe hallogene

Ok, let’s speak some french in respect to my french name (décologue) and to my geographical being 😉 From now on, i’ll use the turquoise color all the things i write in FR, and black for the english version.

Voila une lampe hallogene en bois que j’ai achete à Emmaus à 5 euros au moment de notre emmenagement à Caen, que j’ai ensuite decoré avec la technique du décollage. A vrai dire, je n’aime pas les lampadaires hallogenes, je les trouve ringards, mais il n’y a rien à leur reprocher pour leur qualite d’eclairage, en plus réglable!

So here is a wood hallo lamp that i picked at Emmaus (charity flea markets in France) for 5 euros in october when we moved in Caen. I decorated it with decollage technique. Frankly speaking, i don’t like halo lamps’ design, i think it’s corny, however, there’s nothing to say about it’s way of lightning which is even adjustable.


mirrors are beautiful

Yesterday, i had my day out in the flea markets outside of the town. I saw a beautiful mirror like the oval one on the left side of the picture above. In fact it was exactly the same. It was 18 euros. I don’t know why i didin’t buy it directly. I know this, each time i hesitate buying something and finally don’t, i regret it deeply. No regrets anymore, and more action 🙂

image from: Katrin Cargill