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Weekend Parisien

{Image by photographer Mark Shaw for LIFE Magazine in 1957 via Paris Hotel Boutique}


We are off to Paris for 3 days. I’m gonna sell a mountain of clothes in a flea market on saturday! I am really excited about it as it will be my first experience as a seller.

I want to be able to go to Merci this time!!!Uhh! there are so many other things i want to do…We come to Paris at least once a month but we never have time to see enough…sigh!


clever design of the day

Well, I don’t have a kid, not yet! But i know that when the day comes to get my baby sleep, i would love to have this!!! (did you hear me my dear fiend? ;))

design and pictures by: ontverpduo

today’s brand: Dedar of Milano

From Dedar’s 2011 collection called « Dada ». I love those color combinations.

multifunctional furniture: computer desk/coffee table

I love the thin and modern lines of this one.

     via Apartment Therapy

Summer rental duplex flat in Kas/Turkey


I am renting our summer flat for holidays in Kas/Turkey. You can have more information about Kas here or here, and see some nice pictures here or even more here. It’s a 120 m2 duplex with 1 living room, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 2 rooms on the upper floor (1 with double bed 1 with twin beds), 3 balconys (2 for each bedroom, 1 for the living room), 2 bathrooms (1 on the upper floor, 1 next to the living area). The view is stunning from the balcony, the flat is 5 min by walk to the center, only 60 m to the beach (kucukcakil area a.k.a small pebble beach). You have a parking area, wireless internet, air-condition in each room.

So if ever you would like to visit south of Turkey, the idyllic mediterranean costs, please mail me to for further information, prices and availability.

some snap shots  from the balcony:

gaga de mon chat

Je vous ai prévenu! je vais vous bombarder de photos de mon chat car je suis complètement gaga de lui!


I warned you before, i’ll pelt you with pictures of my cat because i am completely mad about him!

the kandinsky effect