brittany holidays Part.2

The part 2 is the second day, where we headed for the Cap Frehel and than the beach on the cape « pleherel ». It was again fantastic view, breath-taking hights….but after the beauty of l’ile-de-brehat, it didn’t suprise us much.

people were putting the stones one up on the other. We did the same symbolicly for my 30th year by putting 30 stones together.

The last piece which was the ultimate touch of the sculpture was found by Fabien who actualy had his birthday that day (4th) and not the 5th as me. But as he is not 30 yet, it doesn’t count!

Than right after, at 6 am, we could swim at the beach until 8:30! that was awesome!

that’s it my friends! I am off to Paris in 2 hours, and i’m still in my pj’s. gotta go get prepared!!!See you next week!


3 réponses à “brittany holidays Part.2

  1. What a beautiful place! Wonderful photos.

  2. amazing bretagne!!!!

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