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packin’ for a weddin’

We are off again for this weekend to celebrate my wedding withness’ wedding!I got the dress and accessories yesterday, and it took me suprisingly short time! long live « les soldes » !!! (sales)




giant bubble

brittany holidays Part.2

The part 2 is the second day, where we headed for the Cap Frehel and than the beach on the cape « pleherel ». It was again fantastic view, breath-taking hights….but after the beauty of l’ile-de-brehat, it didn’t suprise us much.

people were putting the stones one up on the other. We did the same symbolicly for my 30th year by putting 30 stones together.

The last piece which was the ultimate touch of the sculpture was found by Fabien who actualy had his birthday that day (4th) and not the 5th as me. But as he is not 30 yet, it doesn’t count!

Than right after, at 6 am, we could swim at the beach until 8:30! that was awesome!

that’s it my friends! I am off to Paris in 2 hours, and i’m still in my pj’s. gotta go get prepared!!!See you next week!


brittany holidays Part 1.

I don’t have any motivation for anything since we got back…The truth is, I quit smoking since the day I got 30!AAAWWWWWW!!!!Hence the delay for putting the pictures online.

Anyway, let’s skip the subject before i get too stressed!

The first day we landed in the afternoon to Dinan on the harbour side to wait for our friends who would join us from Paris. I just loved that city, Iwasn’t expecting such a nice riverside, old houses and nature gathered! We laid down on the grass and had a nap. I couldn’t take pictures there, so i have some pictures from internet to show you how beautiful it is.

from here
from here.

The next day was the big day! Full day in L’ile-de-Brehat: the reason why I wanted to make this vacation in Brittany. I’ve seen some pictures on the net and I fell in love with those hundreds of small islands, the blue-green scenery…It was totally worth seeing!

This house was the first thing I saw after landing to the island. I love the big tree.

We were lucky about the season because these islands are famous with their flora and fauna. On the other hand, it was maree basse period, so we couldn’t swim there even though the weather was very propitious.

Most of the pictures were taken by my mobile as I realised that i’ve mixed up the spare/full batteries from the empty ones! :((( )

I really enjoyed that day. It’s a dreamy spot, so many nice houses and gardens…I wish i was rich enough to buy me something there:) I highly recommend you to see that place if ever you have the chance.

Brittany, here we come!

picture via this site.

I’m getting 30 this sunday 5th!!! T_T
So we decided to take this holidays nearby in Brittany with friends in a cottage. It will be very goood for us!
I’ll post some selected pictures when i’m back! See you!