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Art of block printing

Today, I’ve seen this video posted by a friend. I love the cinematography a lot! It’s so beautiful that it makes me want to watch some more. I was surprised that the video is actually an american brand‘s sort of advertorial.

This traditional method is well known in India, but we sometimes find those old stamps sold in the touristic markets in Turkey as well, with slightly different local patterns.  My mum uses this technique with pillows and bedding sometime like here and here. What a huge work to carve those stamps manually though! I utterly respect the craftsman.


today’s brand: Dedar of Milano

From Dedar’s 2011 collection called « Dada ». I love those color combinations.

fantastic wallpapers

I’ve just discovered New-York based Eskayel’s works. They are awesome! I let you judge.





You can see their gorgeous fabrics on their site here as well.