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today, i iodize myself

When at the beginning of the month I could swim 3 days in a row in the sea, my body probably felt as if it was the beginning of a long summer. Unfortunately not, it’s gray and cold here in Caen. But miraculously, yesterday I’ve found some glasswort in the market and ate it today! I would have never imagined to find it in France! (Why Not?!)

The Turkish way of cooking it is very easy, you just cook it 5-10 min. to get the salt out a little, add some garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, and eat it cold as a starter. That said, I admit there is something missing to eat it properly: RAKI!!!!


this will be my best friend this summer

Now it’s official! We are going to Thailand – Cambodge – Laos and Vietnam for 1,5 month this summer! This was my dream for like…forever!


The first thing I thought was shoes and the protection for my camera from the humidity and mousson rains. I always wore Birkenstock in the summer when I had long vacation in the mediterranean sea -which means when I was a child-. Now that I am going to need something solid for walking, in hot and in wet environment, I immediatly thought about Birkenstock! And I fell in love with the color and model of this one. My camera bag is the same leather color aswell which makes me even happier!

I think, I’ll go with these on my feet, with my camera bag, some meds, and with an empty bag.

Now that I have resolved the big issue of « confortable shoes » I can focus on to selling my furniture on ebay or leboncoin for our moving in en of july.

In the mean time, I would appreciate any advice for Thailand, Laos, Cambodge and Vietnam.



never never land house in Ibiza

Voila une maison industrielle par choix du materiau (ciment, pilotis, poutres, ossature, revetement caoutchouc du toit) mais qui ne contredit pas sa vocation premiere: respecter son environnement. L’architecte Andres Jacque en effet inscrit dans son cahier de charges d’intervenir le moins possible sur le site qu’il investissait. C’est pour cela qu’il a choisi ce systeme de pilotis: %80 de la maison ne touche pas le sol, gardant ainsi intacte la vegetation. C’est pour cela aussi qu’il a construit autour des arbres existants, en les incluant dans son architecture.

(texte pris de AD francais, avril 2011, photos prises du site nimvo, elles appartiennent a Miguel de Guzman)