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my kitchen/dining finished…almost

Yaay, I finally have something that looks like a kitchen! For this post i only reveal the dining part. Since i begun re-painting the kitchen dresser, i also painted the table which was a classical old blue formica table. I bought the rug from a flea market which i brought to the laundry (of course) and collected some old mirrors.I changed the ugly lights we had before with those classical paper lanterns, and I found the crocheted cloth in Emmaus that i use as a curtain….

The blue closet on the background was supposed to go on the wall on top of the sink as we don’t have any storage in the kitchen. But We will move in 3 months from here, so we decided not to drill more holes. Besides, it made the spot for our cat.

I’ve found this plexi box with 3 compartments, it was thrown out by a cosmetic shop. It fitted perfectly my side table and provides multiple storage, exactly what i needed!

The box wrapped with paper like a gift that you see on the background is Maki’s spot in the kitchen. He likes to be with us when we are dining as though he is participating to our discussions 🙂

I am collecting all kind of prints and paintings with cats. This one on the fridge is quiet kitsch! I like it!

The blue shelve and the top of the side table is the « morning spot » with coffee cups, coffee machine,kettle and the toaster.

The two chairs from 50’s are also found in the street, the other two were in the family garage. I want to replace them by thonets one day.

As i am a big follower and disciple of Emmaus, they know me now and even make me little gifts from time to time if I make a big purchase. This trivet is one of their gifts. I like it although the ceramic is cracked.


a corner of my bedroom

Hello, this is a corner of our bedroom. The artwork is a present from an architect friend. The hanger is from Casa, the necklace is made by my mum, the bedside table and lamps body are from flea markets, i painted the table to blue. The rug is composed by 4 small mats that i bought each for 2 euros. The lampshade is from Habitat.

i left my heart in istanbul

Today is my nostalgia day. Duhhh…i miss soooo much my furnitures in turkey…I’ve collected them in years, i put all my passion into finding them, and when it was all like i wanted to, i left Istanbul to live in Paris! This picture was taken 7 years ago, but i still miss my furniture and they are still so « a la mode », Oh la la!

This is my old sleeping room. i am longing for this kilim, those two black plastic chairs, the mirror cube bed side table, my dresser (or do you call it vanity table?)…Well the picture wasn’t taken to publish on an interior design blog, and i painted the walls when i was 14 😉

And in the living room, i have left this awesome vintage black leather sofa which looks like this:

Two other turkish kilims, two perfect vintage credenzas, and much more…

grrrr!!! I feel like i am not complete without all my belongings…I moved too much in 10 years! i even think about buying a van just to bring everything i want from there! I think i can find a brighter idea though! Now if i want to have these kind of things here in France i should probably pay 100 times the price that i’ve paid in turkey at that time. :((((