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mood board pour ma prochaine cuisine

Voici une inspiration de cuisine style brasserie que j’ai créé autour de mon frigo smeg 🙂

lampes de chez castorama: 17,90 euros la piece.

chaises style thonet: à chiner!

table: maisons du monde

dalles PVC adhesives de chez Around The Wall.

rangements murales en métal

et bien sur tout ça à compléter avec miroirs et posters!


mirrors are beautiful

Yesterday, i had my day out in the flea markets outside of the town. I saw a beautiful mirror like the oval one on the left side of the picture above. In fact it was exactly the same. It was 18 euros. I don’t know why i didin’t buy it directly. I know this, each time i hesitate buying something and finally don’t, i regret it deeply. No regrets anymore, and more action 🙂

image from: Katrin Cargill