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All about my mother – Part III

And finally here are the other two guest houses’ pictures. That issue of the HomeArt magazine was very generous about my mother’s (aka Bihter Turkfiliz) project.(i am sorry for the lousy scans by the way)

I love this last guest house!The rock with birds on it and the tree makes this place a Tim Burtonesque decor (says the editor of the magazine).

In fact, the most fun part of these houses were the bathrooms for me. We don’t see them much in detail here, but each of them are designed to make it possible to watch the view from inside, and the best part is that nobody sees you from the outside!




all about my mum part II

I must say having grown up in this mediterranean village called Kas, this is the dream house for me. I hope that one day, i’ll have a similar place designed by my mum and i’ll stare peacefully the beautiful sunsets from my garden, while my child (or children?) is playing next to me.

The first picture on the left is the small bridge between the main house and the guest house. The doors are all crafted by a very talented local wood worker. Some of the furniture in the house is from the owner’s (mostly the antique ones). My mother picked the rest from different stores such as Mudo Concept etc…All the natural looking wood furnitures (stools, bench etc. are crafted by the same woodworker)

And here she is, i miss her soooooo freakingly much!

decologue proudly presents her first post: all about my mother

I am happy to finally launch my blog. This is still the beta version though. Here is my first sharing with you. And i am so proud of it:

It’s my adorable mum who built this wonderful villa last year. The house is in the Mediterranean cost of Turkey, in a small village called Kas. The pictures are all taken from the turkish HomeArt Magazine. (editor: Nahide Toros and photographer: Ersen Corekci, all my greetings to them) I was there most of the during the construction, and i can tell you that she really puts her heart on everything she does. For this project for instance, she did all the ceramics by her self (fish on the swimming pool, the turning dervish sculpture in the garden, mosaics on the dining area outside, the ceramic tree on the bathroom’s wall…) as well as the stencils and drawings on the pillows. There are so many details, i probably don’t remember everything!

I love the way she kept the big rock in the middle of the house, it is so beautifully integrated in the decor. The same rock continues in the small batroom (in the last small picture), you can see the reflection on the mirror.