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my home@marie claire maison

hello hello,

I finally did it! I could tidy my place and take pictures around and post it on « marie claire maison »s « bienvenue chez vous » (welcome to your place) page. As we are soon moving from this flat and we are kind of broke, it would be perfect to win either their lovely habitat ella couch Or the SMEG fridge!

You can see the entire house tour here and like it if you feel like it!

I’ll post the pictures after the contest is over at the end of the month.


nursery inspiration

This post is a request from a friend who will soon have a baby girl! She lives in Dubai so I can only help her by giving her some inspiration and online support 😉

First off, check this awesome website out to be inspired. It’s amazingly well done with a huge variety of styles for nurseries. The picture below is one of their works, it’s pretty amazing.

Second, ohdeedoh has a collection of nursery tours to give you some inspiration. What is really good about this website is that, there are interviews with each parent/creator full of valuable advices about creating a nursery.

I think the shortest way to make a nursery is to focus on the walls. Only by painting the walls with a vivid color, by covering with wallpapers or by simply putting posters.

If you don’t want to make any big work like painting, you can also create the ambiance with fabrics. Colorful, illustrated curtains, bedding, rugs and pillows will do easily.

As you see in the images below, you can create a playful and sweet nursery by simply hanging lanterns of different styles, colors or sizes.

Hope this post helps you my friend! Courage! Everything will be awesome! :))))

Moriarty’s Paris home

I generally don’t envy people…But this is so gorgeous that it makes me cry: a beautiful couple, making beautiful music, living in a beautiful place…If i knew them personally, i would give them an « evil eye » for their protection from envious people like me ;P

Now I see better how they make such inspirational tunes!

via The New York Times

my kitchen/dining finished…almost

Yaay, I finally have something that looks like a kitchen! For this post i only reveal the dining part. Since i begun re-painting the kitchen dresser, i also painted the table which was a classical old blue formica table. I bought the rug from a flea market which i brought to the laundry (of course) and collected some old mirrors.I changed the ugly lights we had before with those classical paper lanterns, and I found the crocheted cloth in Emmaus that i use as a curtain….

The blue closet on the background was supposed to go on the wall on top of the sink as we don’t have any storage in the kitchen. But We will move in 3 months from here, so we decided not to drill more holes. Besides, it made the spot for our cat.

I’ve found this plexi box with 3 compartments, it was thrown out by a cosmetic shop. It fitted perfectly my side table and provides multiple storage, exactly what i needed!

The box wrapped with paper like a gift that you see on the background is Maki’s spot in the kitchen. He likes to be with us when we are dining as though he is participating to our discussions 🙂

I am collecting all kind of prints and paintings with cats. This one on the fridge is quiet kitsch! I like it!

The blue shelve and the top of the side table is the « morning spot » with coffee cups, coffee machine,kettle and the toaster.

The two chairs from 50’s are also found in the street, the other two were in the family garage. I want to replace them by thonets one day.

As i am a big follower and disciple of Emmaus, they know me now and even make me little gifts from time to time if I make a big purchase. This trivet is one of their gifts. I like it although the ceramic is cracked.

practical, compact,neat way of living in 24 m2

muse-en-scene: A single Man de Tom Ford

Tom Ford! No comment 🙂

finished the dresser! yaaay!


I am finally done with the kitchen dresser. I have the finishing of the table left. I’ll do it tonight, and post some pictures here very soon, hopefully.