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snapshots from my danish life

a building in Christiania

in front of our first flat, in Vanlose

my working area in our first flat, the chair and the lamp was found in the street. You could find so many nice designish stuff in the street, sigh…

green shopping (well, only color wise!) i miss the Somersby cider! yummmm.

There used to rain, a lot.

a danish furniture shop

another shop for i don’t know what, but witty people work there, that’s for sure.

on the harbour, just next to the theater.

in 2010, the snow lingered for 4 months! i was going mad.

on the beach


Louisiana museum

danish design museum

towards Norrebro.

Bevar Christiania •••

I miss also the Ale, Polser, Smorbrod, hearing « Hygge ».


gaga de mon chat

Je vous ai prévenu! je vais vous bombarder de photos de mon chat car je suis complètement gaga de lui!


I warned you before, i’ll pelt you with pictures of my cat because i am completely mad about him!

lundis au soleil


I’ve been so busy those days! My mother in law camte to stay with us 3 days, naturally i had to do some cleaning and fine tuning at home before she does! Monday, the weather was perfect to go to the seaside. This is the nearest beach from our place, « Luc-sur-Mer ». It was really relaxing to smell the marine air and eat at a terrace facing the sea.

J’etais tres occupée en ce moment, car ma belle mere nous a rendu visite ce qui m’a obligé a faire du ménage et ranger le bordel de mes travaux de peinture/poncage chez nous pour qu’elle ait une bonne impression 😉

Lundi, nous sommes allés au bord de la mer, la plage la plus proche de chez nous, ce qui est « Luc-sur-Mer ». C’était super de respirer un peu l’air iode de la mer et faire un déjeuner sur une terrasse ensoleillé face a la mer.

snapshots from my iphone

This is oliv’s desk

Maki forever!

this is 7 o’clok in the morning in november

These are some snapshots from around the city

old house in Turkey

These are some snapshots from my elder aunt’s 120 year old house in the Black Sea region of Turkey (north). The house wasn’t inhabited since years, so it’s not in a perfect shape. and my aunt’s family has a kind of traditional way of living…but i like the vintage details, the turquoise walls (don’t even need to mention this probably) and the hand crocheted bed cover.

They gave me yellow-black -white printed pillows when I told them that I loved it! The fabric is from an old dress that my grandma once owned!

i heart portugal


I told you i am nostalgic today…So i was looking our last year trips pictures because this year, no vacation is on the sight!Ssniff…

Last year in spring we went to Portugal. First to Lisbon, and then we hired a car to visit the whole country, center, west coast etc…

Here are some of them that i’ve picked. I love to take pictures of facades of houses. Probably it’s a habit coming from my parents which are architects.

There are not so many pictures because i was mostly  filming and taking pictures with my brand new camera which got stolen right after when we got back to Copenhagen!

Enjoy, and visit Portugal if you have the chance, the pastries, the food in general, the music, the old buildings, tiles…laid back people. I loved it.

These are in Coimbra, it’s a smal city with historical sites.

These are from Faro, i like the contrast with the sweet small old houses and the new big ugly buildings. This could been in Turkey aswell.

There are a lot of small houses covered with tiles.

This one below is from the Amazigh Hostel we stayed in Aljezur. We were the only clients, because apparently it’s full in the summer with loads of surfers.

I love the kitchen. The rest is very well done aswell. You can check their site, and see other nice pictures from the spot.

Some other funky tiles from several different places:

Saudade my friends!

Eastman’s Cuba

Cuba is in my top 5 « countries to see » list. And Eastman is defintly the photographer who captured it’s interior’s soul the best! Here are some of his work. I want his book as soon as it is published!

All the pictures are via Michael Eastman’s own website.