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today, i iodize myself

When at the beginning of the month I could swim 3 days in a row in the sea, my body probably felt as if it was the beginning of a long summer. Unfortunately not, it’s gray and cold here in Caen. But miraculously, yesterday I’ve found some glasswort in the market and ate it today! I would have never imagined to find it in France! (Why Not?!)

The Turkish way of cooking it is very easy, you just cook it 5-10 min. to get the salt out a little, add some garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, and eat it cold as a starter. That said, I admit there is something missing to eat it properly: RAKI!!!!


Summer rental duplex flat in Kas/Turkey


I am renting our summer flat for holidays in Kas/Turkey. You can have more information about Kas here or here, and see some nice pictures here or even more here. It’s a 120 m2 duplex with 1 living room, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 2 rooms on the upper floor (1 with double bed 1 with twin beds), 3 balconys (2 for each bedroom, 1 for the living room), 2 bathrooms (1 on the upper floor, 1 next to the living area). The view is stunning from the balcony, the flat is 5 min by walk to the center, only 60 m to the beach (kucukcakil area a.k.a small pebble beach). You have a parking area, wireless internet, air-condition in each room.

So if ever you would like to visit south of Turkey, the idyllic mediterranean costs, please mail me to for further information, prices and availability.

some snap shots  from the balcony:

lundis au soleil


I’ve been so busy those days! My mother in law camte to stay with us 3 days, naturally i had to do some cleaning and fine tuning at home before she does! Monday, the weather was perfect to go to the seaside. This is the nearest beach from our place, « Luc-sur-Mer ». It was really relaxing to smell the marine air and eat at a terrace facing the sea.

J’etais tres occupée en ce moment, car ma belle mere nous a rendu visite ce qui m’a obligé a faire du ménage et ranger le bordel de mes travaux de peinture/poncage chez nous pour qu’elle ait une bonne impression 😉

Lundi, nous sommes allés au bord de la mer, la plage la plus proche de chez nous, ce qui est « Luc-sur-Mer ». C’était super de respirer un peu l’air iode de la mer et faire un déjeuner sur une terrasse ensoleillé face a la mer.