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It was hectic since a while, but now It’s done! we’ve moved from Caen to Paris. Tomorrow is the first day of our 2 months of wandering! First, we’ll travel to South of Turkey to see my family and then we will be heading to south east asia for 1,5 month! It’ll do good to us to be away from everything for a while, to have the time to meditate for the future. I’ll see you all in October. I wish you all the best until then… 🙂

Depuis quelques temps, notre vie était bien chargée et agitée, mais là c’est fait, c’est fini! On a effectué notre déménagement de Caen à Paris. Demain sera le premier jour de notre grand voyage. On ira d’abord voir mes parents au sud de la Turquie. Ensuite, nous irons en Asie du sud est pour 1 mois et demi. Ça va nous faire du bien d’être si loin de tout pour nous vider la tête et méditer pour notre futur. Je vous dis au revoir en Octobre et je vous fait mes meilleures vœux jusqu’à la prochain fois.  🙂

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Summer rental duplex flat in Kas/Turkey


I am renting our summer flat for holidays in Kas/Turkey. You can have more information about Kas here or here, and see some nice pictures here or even more here. It’s a 120 m2 duplex with 1 living room, 1 fully equipped kitchen, 2 rooms on the upper floor (1 with double bed 1 with twin beds), 3 balconys (2 for each bedroom, 1 for the living room), 2 bathrooms (1 on the upper floor, 1 next to the living area). The view is stunning from the balcony, the flat is 5 min by walk to the center, only 60 m to the beach (kucukcakil area a.k.a small pebble beach). You have a parking area, wireless internet, air-condition in each room.

So if ever you would like to visit south of Turkey, the idyllic mediterranean costs, please mail me to for further information, prices and availability.

some snap shots  from the balcony: