our little guest flat in Kas

It’s not that I am a pretentious person, really…but I haven’t seen this small flat since 2 years and now that I am looking at it’s photos, I find it really nice! Worthy enough to put in an interior design blog, am I wrong?

The Tv doesn’t match the rest of the flat but those pictures were made to rent the flat 😉

We’ve taken those pictures 5 years ago when my mother finished the renovations in it…she did the painting of the floors, the tree painting on the small bedroom’s and the flowers on the bigger bedroom’s walls, the mosaics on the top of the coffee table, the kitchen’s wall and the terrace’s sofa with the top of the table.

Une réponse à “our little guest flat in Kas

  1. i am about to paint my fridge (seriously about to, i am holding a paint brush on my lap as i’m writing this) and am aiming to go for a smeg-esque look and thought the better of it and typed « how to smeg-ify your fridge » to good old google -yes, i AM that shallow!- which brought me here… as i watched in awe what you did to yours i started flicking through your blog and while looking at the last two photos above i said « god that looks like here, isn’t mediterranean all the same, sigh! » then saw the caption « turkey » and made a double turn!
    i’m loving what i see here… i hope mine turns out as cool as yours did -no pun intended 🙂
    kendi blogumu türkçe yazdığım için genelde link bırakmıyorum, ama since you are « a young turkish woman, living in france with a vietnamese name », sen anlayabilirsin: decodeniquo.blogspot.com ‘da olacak yakında… hmm başarabilirsem tabi 😛

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