snapshots from my danish life

a building in Christiania

in front of our first flat, in Vanlose

my working area in our first flat, the chair and the lamp was found in the street. You could find so many nice designish stuff in the street, sigh…

green shopping (well, only color wise!) i miss the Somersby cider! yummmm.

There used to rain, a lot.

a danish furniture shop

another shop for i don’t know what, but witty people work there, that’s for sure.

on the harbour, just next to the theater.

in 2010, the snow lingered for 4 months! i was going mad.

on the beach


Louisiana museum

danish design museum

towards Norrebro.

Bevar Christiania •••

I miss also the Ale, Polser, Smorbrod, hearing « Hygge ».


7 réponses à “snapshots from my danish life

  1. Hello Isil! Stopped by your fine blog here for the first time today! I love your post here about your time in Denmark, you shot some great photos of your impressions from my country… Hope you come back again and take more!

  2. Hehe, tusind tak! I’ve lived in Cph for 2,5 years, it was really great, i miss it sooo much! I hope to come back soon.

  3. a building in Christiana – love the vibrant color of the building and the flowers of the tree to soften the building
    a beach – like the minimalist look of this photo

  4. Thanks! i am flattered! 🙂

  5. I love the beach one for some reason.

  6. Nice photos!

  7. Yes, the Copenhagen pics are flattering, they are nostalgic even for me, who is still here… Keep up with writing, I love reading you! knus og kram og … hygge 😉 kitty


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